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Whether you or a loved one were hurt or killed in a Houston car accident, 18 wheeler truck wreck, or if you simply need to consult with a tort lawyer for another incident justifying legal action, you can call on our team us at 832-230-4210.

The best personal injury attorneys in Houston work diligently for their clients, care about their client’s situations, and have a record of winning in court. We at Jones Law, PLLC of Houston, TX are proud to be a part of that fraternity. We’ve won numerous claims on behalf of our clients, and take pride in helping the wronged.

Pay Nothing, Unless We Win Compensation For You

Take action immediately! Don’t waste your precious time with the decision to hire an aggressive lawyer for your personal injury case. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Your health, life, and future are on the line. The longer you wait to hire legal representation to take actionable measures on your behalf, the more difficult it will be for you to get what you deserve; compensation.

If you were injured in a car wreck, or other form of accident such as a workplace accident, and someone else was to blame, you may be able to seek financial compensation from the person(s) or corporation(s) responsible via personal injury litigation initiated by Jones Law, PLLC in the court of law.

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Houston personal injury lawyer Tonya Jones is an aggressive, experienced attorney when it comes seeking compensatory damages for clients of Jones Law PLLC.

Few personal injury compensation law firms in Houston are as direct, precise, and as strong an advocate for their client’s interests as Jones Law PLLC.

Its important that you, the victim, obtain professional legal guidance & representation (A.S.A.P.) to maximize your chances for a positive outcome via the legal process and Attorney Tonya D. Jones is well aware of this.

Jones Law, PLLC has been instrumental in fighting for the financial interests of the injured & survived and has earned the respect of the courts and our colleagues as a result of effective litigation strategies. Our legal team has claimed numerous victories for our clients, and we continue to maximize compensation for our clients.

Why Do Litigants Trust Us With Their Claims?


Pay Nothing If We Don’t Win Your Case

Jones Law, PLLC

Results Matter

The best personal injury lawyers in Houston settle their cases out of court. However, holding some parties to account for the accident can be a challenge that’s best resolved at trial. When this happens, compensation can skyrocket.

Regardless of the situation, Jones Law PLLC’s legal team is skilled in both forms of litigation, and has a verifiable record of getting just settlements for our clients, and winning when it counts – at trial.

We Serve Our Clients

Top notch legal services are provide to all clients of Jones Law PLLC Whether its providing counseling, taking aggressive actionable legal steps, offering no up-front legal fees, or simply being available, you’re in good hands.

You won’t have to scratch, pray, and fight to get in touch with us. Our phones are answered 24/7. If you’re ever in a situation that calls for our help and legal guidance you’re welcome to call us directly at 832-230-4210.

Winning Team, Culture

The spirit & culture of Jones Law PLLC includes a strict focus to detail, timeliness, dedication to craft with a strong anchor in excellence. We know what it takes to win, and what it takes to win legal battles.

We assume that every case is going to trial. We don’t take shortcuts, even when we strongly believe it will settle out of court. Proper preparation is paramount for a profound performance, especially in legal confrontations.

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It’s in your best interest as a claimant/plaintiff to consult our law office, or another equally qualified Houston personal injury law firm, for the best chance at achieving the best results possible from your case.

Insurers and adversarial attorneys waste no time in taking advantage of the poorly & under represented. Don’t allow this to happen to you and your family. Jones Law PLLC is prepared to represent you.

Our Goal

The goal of our legal team at Jones Law PLLC is to recover the maximum amount possible as a settlement for your personal injury case.

We take pride in winning for our clients.

When you entrust our team with your case you can be assured that your best interests are being vigorously represented.

We Fight To Win Compensation

If We Don’t Win, You Pay NOTHING

Beware Friendly Insurance Companies

Insurance companies won’t work for you nor act in your best interest, but we at Jones Law PLLC will.

We’ve seen many claimants forfeit their rights by accepting agreements with insurance company attorneys, which may provide a quick check, but ultimately destroys your ability to be legal made whole.

Imagine having case worth 250,000.00 become unlitigatable due to a claimant accepting a quick payoff for 10,000.00 because they really needed the money and didn’t know the value of their case. Tragic.

We’ll Fight For Your Just Due

You’ll need funds to recover, money to pay bills and satisfy liens.

We understand this and we’ll fight for every dollar possible. We understand what’s at stake and we’re very attentive to our clients.

We can make our knowledge of the law create outcomes that appeal to your benefit.

If you need to talk with a professional on our legal team, contact us immediately. Attorney Tonya Jones, an experienced personal injury attorney, will personally oversee your case and will likely serve as the chief litigator on your case if the situation demands it.

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When you’re working with Jones Law PLLC you’ll always have an opportunity to speak to a trial tested Houston personal injury attorney or one of our friendly representatives at any time of day or night.

Serious personal injuries can be the result of factors such as slips and falls, incidents of medical malpractice, injuries on the job, dog bites, and burns to be illustrative. Injuries are not limited to definition as being purely physical in nature. Injuries can be physical, mental, or financial.

Any person hurt in any form of accident, by any form of negligence, for any reason, should seek the guidance of an experienced tort attorney. Medical attention should also be a top priority because it’s good for your health & wellbeing in addition to our chances in court. Once litigation proceedings are underway our potential for a positive outcome will be enhanced by having as much information and records available to us as possible.