Attorney-Client Relationship

Here at Jones Law, PLLC we put our best foot forward when it comes to representing our clients, and forging excellent relationships with them.

As with most relationships, communication and honesty are first and foremost, and is usually required for the development of respect. That’s respect to our clients from us, and respect to us from our clients.

Having a high level of mutual appreciation for our relationship almost guarantees that we, as a team, will be able to operate efficiently and deliberately. Otherwise, we can be assured a chance of failure, or not maximizing our potential, which should be considered failure all the same.

Failure is not an option for Jones Law, PLLC nor our clients. Our main objective is to always get a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, and to make the best of our relationship with them.

Making The Best of Our Relationship

Be Truthful With Your Legal Team!

Honesty is large part of what makes an attorney-client relationship work. Defending and fighting on the basis of false facts is not only ineffective, but embarrassing for both of us. By being genuine and honest with us during each of our opportunities to interact, you can ensure that our litigation team is operating optimally for your success.

Remain Involved & Instrumental in Your Case

Being actively involved in your case is another component of a highly effective attorney-client relationship. You’re the main source of information for our case. With your unadulterated cooperation we can be counted on to meet all deadlines, make timely filings, and better represent your interests. You’ll also want to be aware of developments in your case. Whether good or bad, you need to be to the first to know of any news so that any needed adjustments can be made hastily.

Let’s Get Started

Attorney Tonya D. Jones is ready to hear from you if you have any inquiries or if you’re looking for a Houston area attorney to help you with any form of lawsuit or other civil case in Harris County.

As an aggressive lawyer with a keen sense of detail, you are assured first-class service when you’re being represented by Attorney Tonya D. Jones for a civil matter, car accident lawsuit, or other tort or personal injury related claim.

To contact Attorney Tonya D. Jones call our law office in Houston at 832-230-4210.

Understanding the Attorney-Client Relationship

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