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When a person suffers a burn injury the first experience to befall them is a sense of excruciating pain. Burn injures are always serious because of the pain involved, and the potential physical disfigurement that’s often associated with 3rd and 4th degree burns.

Burn victims almost always experience unforgiving pain, permanent scarring, and sometimes they’ll even lose usage of the affected body part. When a person suffers a burn injury due to an accident, it’s often not the fault of their own, but the result of the negligence of someone else.

Causes of Most Burn Injuries

The environment for a fire or explosion can be in the kitchen of your home, on the job, during a car accident, mishaps in chemical plants and on industrial sites, or can be attributed to a faulty consumer product or industrial tool.

Explosions and fires, although the most common antecedent to burns, aren’t the only cause of burn injuries. Other causes may include the following;

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Understanding Burn Injuries

The severity of burn injuries are classified by the amount of flesh that was affected. The chart below should serve as a illustration of how burn injuries are classified.

1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree
Depth (how deep the burn is) Epithelium Epithelium and top aspects of the dermis Epithelium and dermis
How the wound looks No blisters; dry pink Moist, oozing blisters; Moist, white, pink, to red Leathery, dry, no elasticity; charred appearance
Causes Sunburn, scald, flash flame Scalds, flash burns, chemicals Contact with flame, hot surface, hot liquids, chemical, electric
Level of Pain (sensation) Painful, tender, and sore Very painful Very little pain, or no pain
Healing Time Two to five days; peeling Superficial: five to 21 days. Deep: 21-35 days Small areas may take months to heal; large areas need grafting.
Scarring No scarring; may have discoloration Minimal to no scarring; may have discoloration Scarring present
Chart Data Source: UNM

4th degree burns are considered burns that reach the bone and damage muscle tissue, but aren’t incorrectly categorized when referred to as 3rd degree burns. In most cases, burns of this severity aren’t the fault of the victim, but of a 3rd party’s negligence. There types of burns are often life-changing, and can take years to heal, if ever, if possible.

A Trial Tested Houston Lawyer for Burn Injury Claims

Every situation creating a burn injury is different, requiring an open minded attorney that’s able to effectively weed through the details of the incident with the purpose of developing a strategy for your case. Attorney Tonya D. Jones is well aware of how burn injuries can affect your lifestyle, your health, and your finances.

Jones Law PLLC‘s legal team has years of experience determining the cause of fires, explosions, and situations that can cause burns, and long term relationships with experts in the field who never fail to come to our aide when called upon to execute their expertise.

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