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Slip & Fall or Trip & Fall Accidents in Texas

When a person slips, falls, or trips, they can sustain serious injuries. While a slip & fall or trip may not seem like a major accident, depending on the condition of the person involved, results & consequences could be worth noting.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a slip and fall accident our legal team may be able to help. We have a wealth of experience fighting for victims of slip and fall accidents in addition to making sure that negligent property owners are held to account for their inaction & negligence.

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Understanding Slip & Fall Accidents

Each year in the United States over 3 million Americans are treated in hospital emergency rooms for slip and fall and trip related accidents. According to the National Safety Council, older people are prone to slip & falls, and accounted for the vast majority of the 20,000 deaths that occurred in 2014 due to slip and fall accidents.

The Centers for Disease Control reports a staggering 2.5 million non-fatal, but injury-causing falls, with nearly 750,000 of those patients being admitted into the hospital for in-patient stays.

Of the quarter million hip fractures which occur every year in the United States, over 90% of those injuries are the result of falls. Aside form hip injuries, these type of injuries can result in memory loss, paralysis, skull fractures, and a host of permanent disabilities.

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Slip & Fall Lawsuits

Can We File a Lawsuit on the Property Owner?


By law, property owners are required to keep their property safe if it will be trafficked by guests.

Property owners are also required to inform their guests or “invitees” of potential damages to their property that may cause them injury, and are expected to be reasonably aware of areas or instances on their property that may cause an accident or injury.

If the property owner doesn’t, they can be subject to a lawsuit, based on their liability, for any injuries that resulted from their negligence. Premises liability is the language used for describing a property owner’s liability for injuries that occur due to hazardous conditions existing on their property.

In What Circumstances Can I Sue?

You can righteously file a slip and fall related personal injury lawsuit if an employee of a business, or owner of a property, caused a dangerous condition that could serve as a hazard to you. For example, if you were in a grocery store, and slipped due to a broken product leaking on those hard floors, you have grounds to sue. This is also true if the property owner or employee of the business knew about the hazardous condition and took no steps to make the area safe, or notify guests of a need for caution.

Even if the property owner claims a lack of awareness regarding the hazard, they may still be held liable. Per established legal standard, property owners and their agents are expected to know about any “reasonably discoverable” conditions on their property which may pose a risk of injury to their guests.

Have questions about a potential lawsuit for a Slip & Fall? Contact our experienced legal team at 832-230-4210 immediately. Once we meet we’ll review to the details of your claim, and determine whether or not we have a cause of action to pursue the manager or property owner in the court of law.


Liability & The Classification of the Injured Party

Texas law offers 3 distinct definitions for people who are injured while present on property owned by a 3rd party.

The assignment of any legal definition, in particular, is contingent on the status of the injured person while they were on the property. The property owner will have a different potential for legal liability depending on injured party’s legal definition, or status, while they were on the property where they were injured. The terms and definitions of injured party’s are listed below.

Invitee: A person who falls under this definition is usually on the property for the benefit of the property owner. This person could be a customer at a store, a client in an office or on a site, and can even be a house guest.

Licensee: This person is on the property with benefits of their presence being mutual to them and the owner. This person may be an employee or contractor on the property.

Trespasser: This is a person who shouldn’t be on the property, or was invited to the property, but ventured into an area on the property where they weren’t invited. An example of a trespasser could be a person who was invited to a waiting area of an auto repair shop (an invitee), but entered a prohibited work area and, by definition, became a trespasser. Another example could be a person who was on someone’s property without invite. However, if the private property is inviting, or publicly accessible, the property owner does have some liability with regard to clearly communicating hazards that may be present.

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