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Attorney Tonya D. Jones and the associate attorneys of Jones Law, PLLC have extensive experience fighting for victims of car accidents, 18-wheeler & big truck wrecks, and industrial accidents in which head or other injuries ensued.

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Houston brain injury lawyerA head wound or traumatic brain injury, often referred to as TBI, is considered a serious medical condition and can consist of either an open head wound, internal head injury, skull fracturing, a concussion, or a combination of such. All head injuries should be considered life threatening, and should be treated immediately by a physician.

Nearly 2 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries annually, with just under 60,000 of those injuries resulting in a fatality. Over 25% of annual U.S. deaths that result from injuries, are due to injuries involving head trauma. The annual financial costs associated with traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. is calculated to be in excess of 55 billion dollars.

In addition to the expensive medical treatments associated with head injuries, other financial costs of enduring a brain injury may be indirect, such as the inability to work due to medical disability, or a need to renovate a home to accommodate the disabled. Neurological damage, facial reconstruction surgery, and other forms of specialized medicine will only compound costs, making the need for experienced legal counsel a critical imperative if the responsible party is to be held to account.

Recognizing the Signs of a Head Injury or Brain Damage

Only a licensed medical doctor can officially diagnose a head or brain injury, however, there are some signs you can look for to determine if you or a loved one are being affected by such an affliction. If you’ve witnessed any of the symptoms and warning signs listed below, call 911, visit the Emergency Room at a local hospital, or visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Headaches that Increase in Intensity
  • Persistent Headaches
  • Person Suffers Blackouts, or Experiences Fatigue
  • Person Fails to Maintain Balance, Disorientation
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Constant Drowsiness
  • Sensitivity to Light and/or Blurred Vision
  • Memory Loss and/or Confusion
  • Mood Changes & Mood Swings
  • Intermittent Consciousness

In addition to the above, when it comes to identifying the possibility of a head or brain injury in small children, some additional warning signs may include a refusal to nurse or eat, and/or inconsolable crying.

Brain injuries aren’t always apparent after someone is involved in a serious auto or industrial accident as they are usually consumed with their more obvious injuries. However, after time passes, victims usually seek medical attention for concussion related symptoms without realizing they’re concussed.

Compensation & Brain Injury Claims

In some cases, taking legal action may be required to ensure that medical costs are covered for the injured, and to ensure that other financial obligations are satisfied. The liable party may also be held to account for the injured party’s financial security and may be subject to other actions. Serious brain injuries have the potential to cause permanent medical problems, psychological complications, death, and a number of other health impediments.

If you or a loved one was hurt on a boat, a barge, at work, during a recreational mishap, or other circumstance in which brain or head injury occurred, Jones Law, PLLC can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our legal team offers a high level of competency to plaintiffs who are in need of legal representation for their claim, and we have a record of winning.

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