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Houston trucking accidents involving 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are common. If you live in, around, or have visited Houston, TX, then you’re well aware of how the roadways are always packed with motorists which includes a large number of big-rigs or 18-wheeler trucks.

As the industrial mecca of the south with one of the world’s largest ports (the Port of Houston), and a highly diverse economy, big rig trucking is, and will remain, a permanent fixture on Houston’s ever expanding landscape.

With so many trucks on the road, the stage is set for serious trucking accidents to occur from time to time. If you’ve been injured in a Houston truck wreck you’ll need legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. Attorney Tonya D. Jones and Jones Law PLLC‘s experienced team of trial lawyers are ready to help you. Our phone number is 832-230-4210.

Houston Truck Accidents Are A Shared Experience

All Houstonians have experienced a serious truck accident at one time or another, in one form or another. Whether we’re watching or hearing news reports of an 18 wheeler wreck, were stuck in traffic because of a serious truck accident, or the worst: you’re directly involved in a serious 18 wheeler or other commercial truck accident.

Although we’ve all dealt with unfortunate accidents involving a semi, a commercial motor vehicle, or other form of big rig 18 wheeler truck, when directly involved, the aftermath can prove to be life changing.

Trucking Accidents: A Disaster

In most cases, these type of auto accidents tend to be catastrophic. Most big rig trucks weigh in excess of 40 tons (80,000lbs), making any form of collision a serious matter. Anyone involved in a truck accident will most likely face a catastrophic reality: serious injury, massive property damage, and/or death.

With the growth of Houston’s population, industries, and traffic, truck accidents are a mathematical inevitability which leaves a sum of victims that deserve proper legal recourse as opposed to the run-around inflicted on truck accident victims by insurance companies, trucking companies, and their attorneys. If you’re in this kind of situation Jones Law PLLC can help.

Understanding Causes of Commercial Truck Wrecks

Most trucking companies pay truck drivers based on their accumulated mileage. Mileage based pay can entice poor professional practices by truck drivers such as driving for extended or excessive periods of time, skipping out or infringing on federally mandated rest periods between driving shifts, and other practices that may put them at odds with public safety.

Attorney Tonya D. Jones, a Houston truck accident lawyer, knows how to weed through the details of the records to find out what likely led to the cause of the accident. If federally mandated laws for minimizing driver fatigue were violated, Attorney Tonya D. Jones and the legal team of Jones Law PLLC will be able to identify it, and will work to get you and/or your family the compensation they deserve.

Federal Law & The Trucking & Transport Industry

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is very clear on Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, and, when violated, crashes are likely to occur. HOS regulations that specify time constraints for professional commercial vehicle operators are as follows;

  • Daily Driving Limit of 14 Hours, With a 10 Hour Rest Requirement after 14 Hours of Driving
  • Or, an 11 Hour Driving Limit with a 10 Hour Rest Requirement after 11 Hours of Driving, and
  • Weekly Driving Limits of Either 60 Hours or 70 Hours.

The FMCSA’s HOS applies to all “Commercial Motor Vehicles”, commercial drivers, and there are a number of different forms of vehicles that fall under its purview.

Commercial Motor Vehicles

A commercial vehicle can be defined as an eighteen wheeler, a big rig truck, dump trucks, bucket trucks, freightliners, buses, and other large commercial vehicles that are significantly larger than passenger vehicles.

In addition to the HOS, there are a number of other federal laws governing the use and operation of commercial vehicles. This is in addition to a host of Texas laws and regulations that were legislatively approved to govern commercial vehicles and professional drivers. The main intent of these laws is to limit the potential for catastrophic commercial vehicle crashes and to promulgate public safety.

Truck Drivers May Benefit From Breaking Rules

Oftentimes, professional tractor-trailer and big rig truck operators try to deliver their freight in as quick a manner as possible. Remember, these professionals get paid by the mile so it’s in their interest to speed, drive more hours than they’re supposed to, and falsify records. Although such unruly practices may serve as a financial benefit to the truck driver, such poor practices often lead to driver fatigue which is a leading cause of truck accidents.

An Experienced Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

18 Wheeler Accidents & The Evidence

If Attorney Tonya D. Jones is serving as your lawyer with regard to a truck or 18 wheeler accident in Houston, you can be assured that our experienced legal team is well aware of which evidence matters, and what “specifically” to look for within that evidence.

Evidence or information our legal team will be most interested in is as follows;

  • The Driver’s Logbooks
  • The Truck’s Computer
  • Data from the tractor-trailer inspection team
  • Data from the truck’s “black box”
  • Data from the accident scene inspectors
  • Evidence and/or any Information indicative of poor training
  • The driving history of the vehicle’s operator
  • Any eyewitness accounts,
  • Dashcam video, or any available surveillance video of the incident

Understanding Types of Commercial Truck Wrecks

Most freight hauling & delivery companies only require their drivers to have a Commercial Driver License, but this isn’t enough to ensure safety. Proper operation of large vehicles should require additional training to safely operate a 40+ ton vehicle on public roads at high interstate travel speeds.

Common Types of Houston Trucking Accidents

Common reasons or types of big rig truck accidents are as follows;

  • Driver Fatigue & Negligence
  • Tire blowouts and/or Tire Traction Failure (Shallow or worn tire grooving)
  • Air Brake Failures
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Under-Ride and Under Carriage Accidents
  • Rear Ending (When a 80,000 pound truck smashes into the rear of your vehicle)
  • Lost Loads
  • Jackknife Accidents (When the driver’s trailer becomes unstable)
  • Accidents related to 18 Wheeler Blind Spots

Our highly experienced, well trained, and caring truck driver accident lawyers will guide you, step by step, through the personal injury litigation process and fight relentlessly for your interests. We’ll make sure you understand the litigation process and will be honest with you about our expectations.

If you’re represented by an inexperienced personal injury attorney that isn’t knowledgeable about Houston truck accident litigation, or who has yet to become effective as a tort trial lawyer, they may fall victim to the experienced lawyers that represent, or work in-house for, the insurance companies.

Injured in a Houston Truck Accident? Attorney Cloud Will Help!

If you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, or you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one as a result of a truck accident in Houston, effective representation by a tried and true personal injury lawyer is your best option. Don’t hesitate to call Houston truck accident Atty. Tonya D. Jones, direct, at 832-230-4210.

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