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One of the most painful life experiences you can endure is the loss of a loved one, and this is especially true in cases of wrongful death. The emotional anguish of losing a loved one is compounded when facts surface which indicate that the incident could have been prevented, was due to negligence, or was the result of an accident caused by a 3rd party.

If your loved one was lost due to no fault of their own, your family may be entitled to damages. For professional help with wrongful death & tort related legal matters Jones Law, PLLC can help.

Call 832-230-4210 to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced Houston wrongful death attorneys so we can review your case. If we determine your claim to be valid, we’ll commit to pursuing a conclusion for you and your family even if it means taking the case to trial.

Our legal team and trusted investigators will scrutinize every detail involved with the incident, and will ensure that all responsible entities and/or individuals are held to account for their negligence.

What’s best? There’s no fee unless we win for you.

Jones Law PLLC Litigates Wrongful Death Claims

Jones Law PLLC and Attorney Tonya D. Jones are on standby, ready to immediately take action to protect your rights and fight to secure all evidence related to the wrongful death of your loved one. We’ve represented a number of claimants which includes widows, widowers, and others, during the course of a number of different forms of wrongful death lawsuits.

During our initial consultation we’ll let you know what to expect over the course of our legal campaign.

A wrongful death claim can result from any of the following;

  • a workplace accident,
  • an accident offshore,
  • industrial accidents,
  • medical negligence/malpractice,
  • auto accidents and truck wrecks,
  • accidental shootings and traffic violations.

Texas Law Demands Immediate Action!

You only have two years to file a claim for damages caused by a wrongful death. Texas law is very clear on the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims. In order to pursue such a case in court, legal actions must be taken within the 2 years succeeding the action or medical treatment which led to the death of your loved one.

Special Note: The only surviving family members than can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit are the children and/or spouse of the victim with one exception;

If none of the individuals entitled to bring an action have begun the action within three calendar months after the death of the injured individual, his executor or administrator shall bring and prosecute the action unless requested not to by all those individuals. Sec. 71.004 of Title IV: Liability in Tort

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If a loved one of yours was killed due to an accident, medical malpractice, a speeder running a red light, or another form of carelessness, our wrongful death lawyers are ready to talk with you. Jones Law, PLLC brings years of experience to the legal fight, and we ready to help you get through these challenging times. Call our office at 832-230-4210 for help, or send us a message illustrating what happened.

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